Astrology Predictions


This Week 

Monday, March 12, 2012 to Sunday, March 18, 2012


You will find yourself full of enthusiasm and zeal. In fact, you’re more responsible and aware about your responsibilities as well as growth than earlier one. Investments will give you the desired results. Try avoiding risky decisions. Only your hard work will give you the desired success in this week. You will get the desired emotional support from your loved ones in this week and your social relations are also going to be on a desired level. Your health could be sluggish in this week, so you need to give your attention to the same. Short journey is also possible in this week.


You may feel that your work and efforts are not suitably rewarded in this week. Your self confidence may be a little bit shaky in this week. Social relations could work in the second half of the week. Try to concentrate more on your work as lack of concentration may give you some difficult time at work. People running their business should not try to enter in to new ventures in this week. Health may be sluggish in the second half of the week. No indications of any traveling are indicated


Overall this week is going to be a good one for your Career and financial health. You could be appreciated at work for your hard work and honesty. You may feel that success is nearby and all your efforts will give you the desired level of satisfaction. In love and married life you may experience a few difficulties and slight tensions. It will be better that you should not enter in to unnecessary arguments with your love/spouse as it may create tensions in your relationships. Your health will be better in this week.


This week may not be as good as the earlier ones and you could experience a few tensions/problems at work. Your efforts may not give you the desired results and you may feel that things aren’t working for you as per your desire. Health could be sluggish and on personal front too you may find that things aren’t so good. Tensions in love/married relations are entirely possible so you will have to be careful in your relationships. Students will experience lack of mental peace required for giving their best.


Beginning of the week may not go in your favor. Since due to bad health, you may visit doctors and your day to day activities may be affected. Family atmosphere will not be cordial, especially; you may have dispute and arguments with your spouse. If, you are running any business in partnership, you may have misunderstandings and differences with your partners. If, you are in service, you will not face any major problem. Students will perform outstandingly well.


This week is going to be a desired one for you. You will achieve desired achievements during this week. Atmosphere will be in your favor. Your boss, colleagues and seniors every body will appreciate you. If, you are running your own business, definitely, you will achieve new deals and contracts. Family atmosphere will be full of all comforts and happiness. Students will be able to concentrate on study.


This is a normal week for you. You will not achieve any big success during this week. Success will not come easily for you. There could be obstacles and delays in general pursuits. At times, a sense of insecurity will be predominant in you. You will have considerable work pressure and you will also be involved in unrewarding jobs. Probably, students will not be able to concentrate on their study.


Beginning of the week is not going to be in your favor. You may lose your mental peace and concentration. Due to your domestic life, your professional life will be affected. You will find delay in your pursuits. Nothing will happen according to your plan or wish. If, you are interested in speculation, it is not a right time for it. Love and affairs may bring defame and tensions.


It will be a good week for you. Your name and fame will be increase. You will get desired respects from others. Success will be yours in whatever pursuit you will undertake. You will be very devoted and involved in your job and your ability will be very much noticed and rewarded. You will also have full authority and responsibility and you will be liked and people will follow you and abide by your decision or recommendations.


It is right time, when you can launch new and major projects. Success will come easily for you. Your zeal and enthusiasm will provide desired respects and monetary gains. People in job/service and running their business should expect good progress and gains. Your attempts will bring happiness and prosperity. You will find unexpected cooperation of your family, friends and relatives. However, you may have some misunderstandings between you and your spouse. It is also not a better period for partnership.


In fact, you are not able to decide as to what should be done and what is wrong or right for you. First of all, you must boost your self-confidence. Control your unlimited desires; it is not better to live in memories. Use your intelligence and wisdom, success will be yours. You should go ahead and perform according to your talent. In fact, you can achieve good results by your hard work.


It will be a mixed week for you. You will have good sources of earning. However, at the same time, you will also have heavy and sudden expenditures. It is also a favorable period for investments. You may invest in real estate and other profitable spheres. Health will more or less be fine during this time. You will enjoy a better health as from now. Family atmosphere will be very cooperative and full of happiness and all comforts.